Not only is Maxtrix a modular system, where Traditional Beds, Day Beds, Bunk Beds & Loft Beds all have the potential to be reconfigured, by adding/removing attachment, but this system is based on safety and quality


Maple       Aspen       Birch

  • MAXTRIX® products are mainly made from premium 

  • grade, sustainably harvested solid hardwoods like Maple, Birch and Aspen.

  • They use "Select grade" wood, which is a premier classification of beautifully clean and clear wood.

  • No knots are accepted in the hardwoods they use, for bed frames or visible surfaces of case goods (dressers, bookcases and desks). Maxtrix® is made to last!

Their Materials:

  X  Cheap Pine/Rubber Wood


X Many Children’s products are made from cheap, low grade Pine or Rubber wood

X  Low grade woods are known to yellow, crack and warp over time, causing paints and finishes to crack and peel.

X Many Children’s manufacturers accept knotty woods. Besides being unsightly, Knots weaken the structure of the wood, causing it to crack and break easily. This is a safety concern, especially for bunks and lofts.


The Rock Lock Leg Bolt is a patented solid steel mechanism that enables the application of continuous pressure between the leg                                     

extensions and the basic bed legs. It is a patented mechanism

pressure between the leg and uniquely developed to lock all MAXTRIX® beds into a Rock Solid state.



MAXTRIX® Ladders are built to hold the weight of both kids and parents and feature safety grooves to help prevent slippage. Ladder sides and steps are nearly 4" deep x 1" thick. All ladders are tested and conform to current safety regulations All MAXTRIX® beds are sold with wooden slats, and can withstand more than 800lbs of weight pressure, more than 2 x US Safety Regulations.



                             Guard rail height 11" (twice as high as the regular guard rails)



                                                         Grooves to prevent slippage