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Low Loft with Ladder & Storage

LARGE3 / Double
Low Loft Bed w/Straight Ladder, 6 Drawer, 3 Drawer & Narrow Bookcase.
W:80” x D:61½” x H:50¾”(203cm x 156cm x 129cm)

wood or metal and provides sturdy support for the mattress.

Ladder: A ladder is an essential feature of a low loft bed. It is used to access the elevated sleeping area safely. The ladder is usually integrated into the bed frame and may be detachable or fixed in place.

Storage: The storage elements in a low loft bed can vary based on the design. Common storage features include:

  • Underbed Drawers: Some low loft beds have built-in drawers underneath the elevated sleeping area. These drawers are ideal for storing clothing, bedding, toys, or other personal items.
  • Shelves: Some models come with shelves or cubbies incorporated into the bed frame or along the sides of the bed. These can be used for books, toys, decor, or display items.
  • Desk or Study Area: In some low loft bed designs, a desk or study area is integrated beneath the elevated sleeping platform, providing a space for homework or creative activities.
  • Closet Space: In more elaborate designs, you may find a mini-closet or wardrobe space integrated into the bed, complete with a rod for hanging clothes.

Size: Low loft beds are available in various sizes, including twin, full, and even queen, depending on the manufacturer and design. The choice of size depends on the user’s needs and the available space in the room.

Safety Features: Manufacturers typically design low loft beds with safety in mind. They often include guardrails around the elevated sleeping area to prevent falls, as well as sturdy construction to support the weight of the mattress and the occupant.

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LARGE3 / Double

Low Loft Bed w/Straight Ladder, 6 Drawer, 3 Drawer & Narrow Bookcase.
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W:80” x D:61½” x H:50¾”
(203cm x 156cm x 129cm)

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