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All Bedsmart products are warranted by Maxwood Furniture, Inc. The warranty* is limited to defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential household use. Shipping and labor costs are the customers’ responsibility. Items or parts found to be defective will be repaired or replaced without charge. Any decision to repair or replace an item is at the sole discretion of Maxwood Furniture, Inc.

The warranty applies to what is considered to be normal household use and does not apply to purchases for resale, commercial, institutional or rental uses. Any damage that is a result of improper handling and any form of misuse, negligence, or accidents resulting in damage to the product is not covered under the Maxwood Furniture, Inc. warranty. The warranty is not valid for the purchase of floor models or “as is” products that were sold in a distress or going-out-of-business sale. Any modifications made to the product by the purchaser will void the warranty.

In order to utilize this warranty, the consumer is to report any damage or defect to BEDSMART, the consumer is to report the claim to info@bedsmart.ca. The customer is to provide the original sales purchase receipt, description of the reported issue and pictures documenting the said damage or defect to the product. BEDSMART will work directly Maxwood furniture to resolve all problems that are reported by the original purchaser.

Within (5) years of the original purchase date BEDSMART. will pay the expenses related to the transporting of merchandise for a warranty claim (this does not include packaging or labor cost). Any time a claim is reported after a year from the purchase date, all expenses related to packaging, labor and shipping of replacement damaged or defective parts will be the responsibility of the original purchaser.


At BEDSMART we stand behind the quality of our furniture and offer a (5) years warranty on Mawood products. Our warranty covers all main bed components which are utilized to create our bed system.


Case goods are covered under a one (1) year warranty. Case goods are defined as being bookcases, dressers, desks, hutches and bedside storage items.


The fabrics sold at BEDSMART Furniture, Inc. do not carry warranty coverage.


Mattresses carry a ten (10) year prorated warranty which means that the value of the warranty will decrease by 10% with each year that passes from the original purchase date. After ten years, the mattress warranty expires.

*Any product shipped outside the Continental U.S., the customer assumes complete responsibility and liability for damaged and/or defective products, including the cost of shipping.

Bedsmart is dedicated to Kids. Our core value is safety. We will always stay committed to safety and quality in all we do. Any new products or improvements to existing products will go through several 3rd party accredited testing laboratories as well as through our own established rigorous testing protocols and we will ensure we only sell products that have 3rd party approved certifications passing all mandatory tests.

Bedsmart beds are a high-quality product. We believe that the only way you can credibly offer a system is to build it on quality components. We guarantee that our quality standards will remain high and we will continue to manufacture to the standards of quality you expect from a branded product.


Every effort is made to maintain current and accurate descriptions, sizes and prices. The information contained on this website is provided as accurately as known, however accuracy is not guaranteed. Measurements are generally within 1/2″. If you require exact dimensions of an item, please contact us.

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