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YES23 / Double
W:80” x D:57½”x H:51½”(203cm x 146cm x 131cm)

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Daybed w/Back and Front Safety Rail and Top Tent.
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W:80” x D:57½”x H:51½”
(203cm x 146cm x 131cm)

  1. Daybed Frame: The daybed itself typically resembles a regular daybed, which is a long, narrow piece of furniture designed for lounging, napping, or seating. It often consists of a mattress or cushioned seating area supported by a frame made of materials such as wood, metal, or rattan.
  2. Top Tent or Canopy: What sets this daybed apart is the addition of a top tent or canopy. This canopy is usually made of fabric, such as sheer curtains or outdoor-grade materials, and is suspended or supported above the daybed frame. The canopy creates an overhead covering that partially or fully encloses the daybed, providing shade, privacy, and a cozy atmosphere.
  3. Privacy and Comfort: The top tent or canopy not only offers privacy but also provides protection from sunlight, wind, and insects if used outdoors. This feature makes it an excellent choice for outdoor lounging areas like patios, gardens, or poolside spaces. Indoors, it can create a romantic and comfortable nook for relaxation. daybed
  4. Variety of Styles: Daybeds with top tents come in various styles and designs to suit different aesthetics and purposes. Some have a romantic and whimsical look with flowing curtains and decorative elements, while others have a more modern and minimalist design with clean lines and neutral colors.
  5. Functionality: Depending on the specific design, some daybeds with top tents can be transformed into a comfortable outdoor bed for napping or sleeping, while others are primarily intended for daytime lounging. Some may have features like adjustable recline positions or built-in storage underneath the daybed.
  6. Indoor and Outdoor Use: While these daybeds are often associated with outdoor spaces due to their canopy providing shade and protection, they can also be used indoors in bedrooms, living rooms, or sunrooms to create a unique and stylish lounging area.
  7. Customization: The choice of fabric for the canopy or tent allows for customization to match your decor and personal style. You can select fabrics that complement the overall design of your space and create the desired ambiance
Additional information
Bed End Style

Curved, Panel, Slat


Chestnut, Natural, White

Under-bed Storage Options

Drawers, None, Trundle Bed, Trundle Drawer

6" Foam Mattress

Bedsmart Mattress / Double (Full), Bedsmart Mattress / Twin (Single), None

Add a second 6" Foam Mattress

Bedsmart Mattress / Double (Full), Bedsmart Mattress / Twin (Single), None